The women's circuit has also changed a great deal, in the past 20 years.
It started slowly in the 90's with Monica Seles, and has been evolved by the likes of Sharapova and the Williams sisters, so that now there is a legion
of very strong and taller athletes, who make the baseline their fortress and throw cannonballs as a response to any shot coming their way.

They are,though, in its overwhelming majority, and in my honest oppinion,
very much one-dimensioned in their game plan system and use of tactics.
They hit hard, but basically always as hard, no speed variations.
They have a great deal of control in their shot lines, but they don't change them.
They aren't able to close points at the net, or be confortable outside the baseline.
They don't have a flexible and/or creative defensive game, at all.
The vast majority of them, don't posses a solid second serve.
So, in my oppinion, the women tennis players are  predictible and easy to figure.   
 Easier said than done, one still has to cope with their devilish rythm and pace.
But, in my oppinion, there is a place there for a girl who can PLAY THE GAME.
An athlete who is a TENNIS PLAYER with all the letters, an all-rounder.

A player who can not only control those lines and the pace, but also be tactically able to vary her game, based on her needs.
A girl that can slide and slice, who can pull up a disguised drop-shot or a short crosscourt to defend from out-of-position.
Someone who can rely on her serve, to get free points but also throw a solid second at any time in a match.
Somebody who makes a great return and comes up to the net to close it up with a simple short crooscourt volley.
The training systems for women around the World don't put their focus into producing such players.
They stick to the legacy of the above mentioned "big-hitters", and train them so that they become just what they are.
And it is a succesful formula, if you have strong, tall, disciplined, focused and  talented material to work with.
However I think that any talented young girl can learn how to play in more dimensions than one, be a complete player.
It takes belief, courage, an open mind and lots of work, but, the way I see it, a player like that it's not impossible to form...
And a player like that has a shot at the top!



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    Emilio Alvarez

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    December 2013